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Who are we?

Talking English was initially founded in 2000 in Lahti, to meet the English language training needs of the local business community.  Quickly gaining a reputation for providing high quality courses at competitive prices, Talking English now offers training in a range of other languages including French and Swedish.  Our client list now includes many of the biggest names in Finnish industry. 


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Mike Bangle

Mike Bangle, is the English founder of Talking English based in Lahti. 

Possessing an MSc in Environmental Management and TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) he specialises in teaching business English and also writes an English column for Etelä Suomen Sanomat.

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Our professionally qualified team of trainers and language consultants have been based in Lahti for more than five years and understand the requirements of businesses in terms of improving their language skills.  We offer British, Canadian and American speakers as trainers to give people more flexibility in meeting their needs.  For beginners we also offer a fully qualified native Finnish speaker.

Talking English also employees native Swedish, German and French speakers.


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The primary aim of our courses is to increase the students' oral fluency and vocabulary in the target language.  We begin with establishing which areas of their language they need to improve and which subjects students have an interest in, (for example: banking, import/export, manufacturing, general English).  Conversation lessons are then based on these specific requirements.


Alternatively, if a student requires letter writing or grammar exercises a course can be designed to meet these needs.


For beginners with specific learning needs a course will be designed focusing each week on a particular aspect of the language including grammar (where required).


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Do you want to know your employees language ability?  Talking English offers three tests.


(a) Oral Test                 15 minute interview to determine oral efficiency.

(b) Grammar Test           40 minute written test to determine knowledge of English grammar.

(c) Listening Test           20 minute test to determine listening comprehension.

Clients can choose any one or combination of these tests.


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Teaching material

Talking English has an extensive library of language, business books and specialists dictionaries.  Other resources used include, English newspapers, annual reports, companies brochures and the internet.


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Translation and proof readings

Talking English is also able to provide a translation and proof reading service and assistance with writing business/promotional material and letters/emails.


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Our highly competitive prices are based on time.  There is no need to buy an expensive course.  If you only need a short language lesson or consultation that is all you pay for.  The minimum time period is 45 minutes.


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Other Services

Many of our teachers have prior working experience in their country of origin, and may be able to assist in locating new markets for your products.


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Clients and References

References are available upon request.


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Contact Information


For more information (without obligation) please contact us at


Talking English                   

Kiikkulankatu 5 D 30                           mobile 040 833 7772

15950 Lahti                            


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